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Marketing Tools

We implement several marketing strategies to position the web site of your hotel in the sight of your potential client.

Website Design

  • My Hotel Consulting can build an ecommerce solution completely customized to your unique business needs.
  • Fast and responsive website.
  • Custom design in line with  your  preferences.
  • Hosting, domain name, and SSL-certificate.

Social Media 

My Hotel Consulting will be responsible of developing your brand in social media, providing it with content and professional approach. Analyzing the behavior of its main competitors. Knowing the current situation within the market and the needs of customers.

Keeping you up to date with all the news, building relationships for your growth and increasing the exposure and traffic of your website


Our main goal is to have your brand visible in the search engines and that potential customers can easily find it, having a good position in the search engines makes the visibility of your business improve and therefore increase traffic, focusing on increasing your online presence, the positioning of your website and reaching the correct market.

Improve your hotel’s website and turn your visits into reservations!